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AZUCAR 80 1 UNIMAX 80 (Brazil Make)

Surface Roughening Electrodes for Sugar Mill Crushing Roller.


DIN 8555 E-10-55r

PACKING:                   3.25 mm X 350 mm – 15 kgs sealed tin packing

4.00 mm X 450 mm – 20 kgs sealed tin packing


Roller wear can loose 15-25% of the cane feeding rate as the sugar mill feed rolls becomes smooth and loose their grip. Azucar8o increases the efficiency and the life of the mill by adding a rough wear resistant deposit of high alloy carbide type weld metal which increases traction. Surface area is increased by 12% and the co-efficient of friction by 0.4. Azucar 80 can be applied while the mill is running as well as on dry rolls, thus reducing non profitable down time. This will effectively increase the overall surface area of the roller by 16% resulting in maximizing the grip on cane and thereby reducing POL% ,wear and stoppage and increase recovery by 0.25 to 1% maximum.


54-60 HRc


The hardness and resistance to impact make this electrode suitable for use in a large variety of applications which include mill roller roughening, excavator bucket lips and teeth, dragline buckets, conveyor screws, rock chutes etc.


To be limited to maximum two layers and has to be held at an angle of 45O to go0 from the horizontal. This has to be done when the roller is moving at 3 to 4 rpm.For simple hard facing application this has to be done on down hand position at 140 to 180 amps.


For 3.25mm X 35omm – 110 to 180 Amps

For 4.00mm X 450mm – 130 to 180 Amps (Dry) and 180 to 230 Amps (Wet Condition) in touch with roller.


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